LifeTech Scientific Successfully Held the LAAC Online Seminar

Under the background of COVID-19 outbreak, LifeTech Scientific actively explored diversified methods to promote the academic exchange. On March 13th, 2020, LifeTech held a Left Atrial Appendage Closure (LAAC) online seminar, providing experts and scholars with a “cloud” academic exchange opportunity. Over 30 well-known experts from 20 provinces in China participated in the seminar and shared their clinical practice experiences with LAmbre Left Atrial Appendage (LAA) Closure System.

First, Prof. Yat-Yin Lam, the famous expert from Hong Kong, gave an opening speech for this online seminar, and followed by an academic report titled with “10 things you must know about LAmbre™ LAA Closure”, comprehensively explained the clinical practice with LAmbre device, which aroused a heated discussion.

LAmbre™ LAAC Case Sharing

During the session of LAmbre™ LAAC case sharing, 6 experienced experts shared 8 complicated LAAC cases with LAmbre™ LAA Occluder (LAAO), which also brought an intense discussion.

Irregular LAA anatomical structure could raise the difficulty of the LAAC procedure. Prof. Xie Ruiqin shared “LAAC techniques for various LAA anatomies” and demonstrated two complicated LAAC cases using LAmbre™ LAAO: a large LAA case and an “one-stop procedure” case of cryoablation combined with LAAC for a small LAA.

LAmbre™ is suitable for a variety of complex LAA anatomies and its unique “small umbrella with big cover” design has an excellent advantage in the closure of large LAA with multiple lobes. Prof. Xiao Fangyi shared his practical experience and deployment techniques using LAmbreTM “small umbrella, big cover” specification to close a double-lobed large LAA case. 

Prof. Zhang Songlin presented a LAAC case of a cauliflower-shaped LAA with complex anatomic structure and well-developed pectinate muscles. The doctors tried several times to close the patient’s LAA with other branded LAAO, but all failed. Eventually, the LAmbre™ LAAO was selected, and the procedure achieved a positive result.

Prof. Zhang Xiaochun shared a LAAC case with a large and shallow LAA anatomy using LAmbre™ LAAO. Prof. Zhang expressed, thanks to the distinct advantages of LAmbre™ LAAO, the procedure achieved a great success.

In recent years, catheter ablation for AF combined with LAAC has been gradually recognized in the clinical practice, and clinical studies also showed that this combined treatment is safe and effective. Prof. Gao Bingbing demonstrated an “one-stop procedure” treatment of cryoablation combined with LAAC for patient with persistent AF. A double-lobed cauliflower-shaped LAA was successfully closed with the LAmbre™ LAAO.

Prof. Meng Zhaohui shared two “one-stop procedure” cases, the cryoablation combined with LAAC and the Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) closure combined with LAAC. Prof. Meng said, ASD or Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) combined AF patients have a higher risk of stroke. LAAC combined with ASD or PFO closure is safe and effective, but it also could increase the difficulty of the controlling of the sheath, which could be solved by adjusting the coaxality of the sheath.

The online seminar was very successful, and the experts believed this online academic exchange method was very convenient and efficient, especially under the current environment. At the end of the seminar, all the experts gave their sincere wishes: “Stay strong, China! Stay strong, the World!”