LifeTech Participated in an International Charitable Workshop

Recently, the charity organizationBebé Cardio Foundation in Tijuana, Mexico, jointly held a charitable workshop with LifeTech at the Tijuana Red Cross Center. The workshop provided free interventional treatment for Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) children from local impoverished families.

This charitable workshop was conducted in the period of COVID-19 outbreak.  LifeTech responded promptly and offered its excellent CHD occluders for free, guaranteed the two CHD children to receive the treatment in time.

The first operator of the two procedures was Dr. Adrian Sánchez Flores, the Chairman of the Bebé Cardio Foundation, and the doctors from IMSS Hospital and EXCEL Hospital in Tijuana also participated in. The two children both suffered from congenital Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA). Dr. Adrian Sánchez Flores successfully performed the procedures with LifeTech Cera™ PDA Occluders, and the post-procedure angiography showed that the patients’ defects were completely closed without residual shunt.

(Dr. Adrian Sánchez Flores was performing the procedure)

Dr. Adrian Sánchez Flores witnessed LifeTech’s efforts in helping CHD children under the period of epidemic outbreak and highly praised LifeTech’s social responsibility. The doctor and LifeTech’s regional sales manager of Latin America visited the children after the procedure. Seeing the children in good condition, their parents expressed the gratitude to the doctors and Lifetech.

(LifeTech’s regional sales manager of Latin American visited the patient)

In the future, LifeTech will continuously help patients to regain their health with its advanced technology and innovative medical devices.