LifeTech Scientific Held an On-line Seminar with European and Asian Experts

Recently, LifeTech Scientific organized a “cloud” video seminar with European and Asian experts. The seminar is themed with “New Device for ASD Closure”. Top European and Asian cardiac interventional experts were invited and participated in, including Professor Kevin Walsh from Ireland, Professor Andreas Eicken from Germany, Professor Jou-Kou Wong and Professor Jhih-Yuan Shih from Taiwan, China. In the “cloud” seminar, these well-known experts shared their clinical experience and challenging cases with LifeTech Scientific’s CeraFlex ™ congenital heart disease (CHD) occluders.

At the beginning of the seminar, experts discussed the current COVID-19 outbreak situation in Germany and Ireland. Then, Professor Kevin Walsh shared his clinical experience in complex and difficult atrial septal defect (ASD) closure cases with CeraFlex™ CHD occluders. Professor Kevin Walsh explained Ceraflex’s release mechanism and how it benefited to the operators in the challenging cases, and summarized the unique advantages of the deviceNo hub in the left disc, which could significantly reduce the risk of thrombus formation; the state of art nano-titanium nitride coating technology could effectively reduce the nickel ions release and support a better biocompatibility. Moreover, the occluder is easy-to-operate with the features of accurate positioning and stable deployment.

After that, Professor Andreas Eicken introduced the post-market clinical study of CeraFlex ™ CHD occluder in Germany. Current data further confirmed the clinical feasibility, safety and efficacy of CeraFlex ™ in ASD closure.  

Professor Andreas Eicken highly praised the innovative design of CeraFlex™ CHD occluder, particularly, the features of user friendly, accurate positioning and stable deployment. There is no adverse tension when detaching the occluder, which could effectively reduce the risk of the device migration and embolization. In addition, Ceraflex™ CHD occluders could adapt to a variety of atrial anatomies.

At the end, Professor Jou-Kou Wong and Professor Jhih-Yuan Shih shared a very difficult transcatheter ASD closure case using the CeraFlex™ CHD occluder. The device has been launched in the Taiwan market recently and received a highly recognition by local doctors. Professor Jou-Kou Wong believes that CeraFlex ™ ASD occluder is the best ASD occluder so far in the market, and it could adapt to a variety of ASD anatomies, making the procedure much easier.

After the academic exchange, experts online expressed that they benefited a lot and were very impressed by the innovative design of LifeTech Scientific’s CeraFlex ™ CHD occluders.