LAAC Clinical Application Seminar Tour- Hubei Stop

Recently, LifeTech Scientific launched a LAAC Clinical Application Seminar Tour, which was initiated by China Atrial Fibrillation Center. The first session in Hubei province has been successfully closed. The seminar was conducted online, with the participation of experts from the cardiovascular field in Hubei Province. The “cloud” seminar mainly discussed the management of cardiovascular diseases during the epidemic outbreak and the standardization of the LAAC procedure.

LAAC Clinical Application Seminar Tour- “Hubei Stop”

At the beginning of the seminar, Professor Huang Congxin, the Chairman of China Atrial Fibrillation Center and the Director of the Cardiovascular Disease Institute of Wuhan University, made a speech. He proposed that it was important to enhance the epidemic control and management while providing cardiovascular patients with good medical service. Professor Huang also mentioned, for the comprehensive management of Atrial Fibrillation (AF) stroke, it is necessary to strengthen the standardization of LAAC practice, research development and experience accumulation.

Part of Online Attendees

Wuhan Asia General Hospital is one of the designated hospitals for the treatment of Covid-19 patients. Professor Su Xi from the hospital gave valuable suggestions on the dual management of Covid-19 and cardiovascular diseases: according to relevant data, about 20%-40% of the Covid-19 patients suffering from cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, and about 16.7% of Covid-19 patients combined with arrhythmia. Therefore, cardiovascular physicians should identify risks in time and dynamically adjust the protection level during the treatment. Subsequently, Professor Su shared his opinion on the hierarchical treatment for chronic diseases and the long-term planning of Internet medical service.

The Dual Management of Covid-19 and Cardiovascular Diseases - Professor Su Xi

Professor Huang He from Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University, comprehensively interpreted the latest domestic and overseas guidelines of LAAC. European EHRA/EAPCI 2019 and China CSPE guidelines all identified that LAA could be the most critical site of thrombus formation in AF patients. Professor Huang also gave a comparison between the two guidelines in terms of the indication selection of LAACimaging examination, “one-stop” procedure, post-procedure anticoagulation and so on.

Latest Domestic and Overseas Guidelines of LAAC - Professor Huang He

Standardized perioperative management is helpful to improve the success rate of the LAAC procedure while reducing the complications. Professor Wang Yan from Tongji Hospital, Tongji Medical College Huazhong University of Science and Technology gave a speech titled LAAC Perioperative Management, and provided his opinion on the complications, residual shunt and device-related thrombus, post-procedure anticoagulation and so on.

LAAC Perioperative Management- Professor Wang Yan

Domestic and overseas related clinical studies have confirmed that the “one-stop” procedure of combined AF ablation and LAAC is safe and effective. Focusing on the “one-stop” procedure of AF, Professor Ye Ping from Central Hospital of Wuhan elaborated his experience and key points regarding to the indications, contraindications and perioperative management of the procedure.

Progress in One-stop Procedure of AF-Professor Ye Ping

The first station of LAAC Clinical Applications Seminar Tour in Hubei province was closed with a great success, and the next seminar in Zhejiang province will be launched soon!