“Interventions in Congenital Heart Disease - Learn from the Masters” Online Conferencing Sessions

Recently, interactive video conferencing sessions of “Interventions in Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) - Learn from the Masters” successfully held. LifeTech Scientific and the well-known Indian cardiology experts, Professors Nageswara Rao and Krishna Kumar, initiated this online conference, and jointly organized the conference with India Child Heart Group and PCSI.

This international online conference is the first stop of Lifetech Comprehensive Congenital Intervention Development Program (LCCP). As the program directors, Professor Shakeel Qureshi from U.K., Professor Bharat Dalvi and Professor K. Sivakumar from India participated in the conference planning and organization.

Prof. Nageswara Rao, the co-inventor of Lifetech KONAR-MF™ multifunctional occluder, was giving the opening speech

Many global top pediatric CHD experts participated in the conference, including British Professor Shakeel Qureshi and Chetan Mehta, American Professor Zahid Amin and Ziyad Hijazi, Thai Professor Woraken Promphan, Malaysian Professor Mazeni Alwi, Vietnamese Professor Do Nguyen Tin, Italian Professor Paolo Ferrero and well-known Indian experts. They shared their clinical experience through the live lectures and online discussions, providing a comprehensive guidance for interventional pediatric CHD physicians around the world.

The interactive video conference lasted 11 days with the courses ranged from basic to advanced academic trainings, such as the latest CHD procedure guidance, CHD Imageology, the management of challenging cases and common complications.

During the KONAR-MF™ multifunctional occluder session, the famous Indian CHD experts Professors Radhakrishnan and Krishna Kumar were invited as the moderators. They shared their clinical application experience with KONAR-MF™ multifunctional occluder in the interventional treatment of CHD children.

Professor Krishna Kumar 

Professor Nageswara Rao, the co-inventor of the KONAR-MF™ multifunctional occluder, introduced the device in details. He particularly emphasized the unique advantages of the device, such as the device is extremely soft with low-profile design, and it could effectively reduce the possibility of atrioventricular block. After that, eight Indian experts, Dr. Amitabo C, Dr. L Srinivas, Dr. Muthukumar, Dr. Edwin, Dr. Anil Singhi, Dr. Toufiq, Dr. Kalyansundaram and Dr. Toufiq, shared their clinical experience using KONAR-MF™ multifunctional occluder from different perspectives.

Experts all expressed, with the excellent design and premium quality, Lifetech Scientific’s KONAR-MF™ multifunctional occluder not only can be applied to the ventricular septal defect (VSD) closure, but also has the possibility of being used in other indications.

Professor Shakeel Qureshi 

The participants of the interactive video conferencing sessions were very active, about 400 doctors from different countries such as India, China, the United States, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Iran and etc., attended the sessions and participated in the academic exchange each day. The sessions provided a comprehensive and systematic trainings for thousands doctors all over the world. 

The American professor Ziyad Hijazi made a speech and communicated with other doctors online

Since the establishment of India subsidiary, LifeTech Scientific has been steady developing over the years in India, and its sales have widely covered medium to large sized hospitals in India. LifeTech Scientific will continue to strategically penetrate into the Indian market and to achieve a greater market success. At the meanwhile, LifeTech Scientific will consistently build its cross-border academic exchange platforms and work with global experts to promote the technology development in the cardiovascular minimally invasive interventional field.